Smart Lighting (LED Strip)

LED Strip Package

Smart LED Strip made by AEOTEC features:
- Z-wave compatible with 16 million colour combinations possible.
- Can be controlled through the mobile device App.
Works on 230V, 50Hz.
Easy DIY installation.
Strip light can be installed on any surface using double side tape

Smart LED strip as Decoration

If you're working in real estate or a designer, you will love Smart LED because it will make your life easier regarding lighting control of your property, weather it is a villa or a restaurant or a bar. If you are responsible for lighting in a theater or an event, this is made to be your friend.

Smart LED strip as decorationSmart LED strip as decoration

 Product DescriptionSmart LED strip as decoration

- Smart LED is a Z-wave compatible device.
- Works well with any Z-wave Home Automation Hub.
- Works on 230V, 50Hz.
- Output is 72 Watt / 11000 Lumen
- 5m long LED Strip.
- Power supply adapter.
- Controller.
- Mounting plate and double-side tape.
The length can be cut to any size.

Installation instructions:

Integrate the Strip Light onto furniture, conceal it inside coves, under kitchen cabinets or highlight architectural features. The Strip Light can be accessed through mobile device App of the Home Automation Hub and programmed to switch ON/OFF at a chosen time to a preset colour and brightness level or in response to a trigger such as sensing of motion, opening of a door or an event such as sunset.
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