MCO Home FCU Thermostat

MCO Home FCU Thermostat Description:

This digital LCD thermostat manufactured by MCO Home in China, ships with a back plate to mount on standard 4x4size steel box, mounting screws and the thermostat. It has a large temperature display; also displays day of week, time, status of compressor / solenoid and fan speed. The connector for wiring termination is at the back.

 MCO Home FCU Thermostat

Specifications of MCO Home FCU Thermostat:

  • Model No: MH8-FC-EU, Z Wave EU frequency
  • Power supply: 230 volts, 50 Hz .
  • Requirements: Neutral wire to power Thermostat

MCO Home FCU Thermostat  MCO Home FCU Thermostat 

Benefits of MCO Home FCU Thermostat:

  • Designed to work with split air conditioning units that have a Fan Coil Unit in the room. Typically the FCU is supplied with either the refrigerant or chilled water from the external units. Usually such AC units also have a 3 step fan speed control.
  • This thermostat is a direct replacement for Honeywell Model:T6373A1017 mechanical thermostat and similar equivalents.
  • This can also be installed in FCU installations with single fan speed setting.

Safety Precautions:

Installation of this thermostat unit requires electrical wiring work on the mains power supply and therefore it is best to have it done by a qualified electrician or AC Mechanic who may be conversant with such work. Switch OFF power supply before attempting such work and even after switching OFF make sure power is OFF using a reliable meter or tester. Make sure personnel use appropriate work wear, goggles, gloves and footwear appropriate for this type of work. Use properly insulated tools. As a good practice take all general precautions that are required before attempting this type of work.

Installation of MCO Home FCU Thermostat (DIY):

Step1: Before installing the thermostat at its location, it is important that it is included in the Z wave Home Automation Controller say Zipamini / Zipabox / Zipatile range of the Zipato brand or equivalent so that it can be controlled remotely and through the phone App. Wire the phase and neutral terminal of thermostat to a AC socket outlet using a short length of wire and suitable plug. Power it up keeping it within a meter from the Zipato Controller.

Step2:  Under the shutdown state, press & hold the “down arrow” to enter interface for inclusion or exclusion of Z-Wave network. Before device included into network, “- - -” will display on the screen. Then press “down arrow” once, device will enter learning mode to get a node ID. If inclusion is success, a node ID will display on the screen in a few seconds. A node ID is a confirmation the device is included to the home automation network.

Watch our instruction for how to DIY at home:

Part 1 - متاح بالعربية أيضًا

Part 2 - متاح بالعربية أيضًا

Step3: Use of this thermostat requires a Neutral wire which may not be available if it is being used to replace a mechanical thermostat. In such cases employ the services of an electrician / AC Mechanic to pull a neutral wire from the FC unit. Also it is important that the present wiring arrangement indicating which colour wire is connected to which terminal is noted down accurately so that the new one could be wired properly. Pictures of the existing wiring arrangement also may be taken for reference. Remove after disconnecting the wiring. Keep the wiring taped together and inside the box as a precaution to prevent them slipping back into the conduit or hole in the wall.

Step4: Install the back plate that is supplied with the thermostat making sure of its orientation by carefully looking at the markings on it. Adjust the level using a spirit level or such means so that the final installation looks neat and professional. After this is complete pull the wires out and connect them to the appropriate terminals at the back of the thermostat.

Step5: At this stage switch ON the power supply once and check the functionalities so that any corrections can be carried out. If everything is found in order switch OFF the power supply again and arrange the wiring so that there is no twisting of wires and there is enough room for the thermostat inside the box. Place the thermostat snugly against the back plate and press if firmly so that it locks in position.

Step6: Switch on the power supply again and check the displayed parameters and all functionalities by operating them manually once again. Now open your Zipato App, and look for the Radiator Heater icon (Figure 1) and the Fan Icon (Figure 2) in the drop down menu on the left.  Tap the Heater icon and this will take you to the Mode & Temp Setting. Tapping the MODE will enable you to choose between COOL and OFF status of the AC system. Tapping on TEMP SETTING will enable you to see the temperature settings now. (Temperature setting can be changed locally or through the PC browser interface using a PC). Tap the Fan icon and this will enable you to choose between the Low & High fan speed modes.

Proper functioning of all of the above functions indicates your thermostat installation has been successful.

MCO Home FCU ThermostatMCO Home FCU Thermostat


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