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Description of RGBW LAMP:

This product is similar to any other lamp that fits into the standard E27 holder and it has the LEDs and dimmer built into it. It is set up by including it to a Z wave home automation controller network. The lamp can be set to warm white, cool white or any of the thousands of colours and different brightness levels according to users’ choice using the iOS or Android Apps.

Technical Specifications:

  • Z-wave EU frequency
  • Power supply 230 volts, 50Hz
  • Standard E27 lamp holder
  • Illumination equivalent of a 60W incandescent lamp. Consumption - about 6W.
  • Zipato Z-wave controller required for all the functionalities.

RGBW LED LAMPS and Lighting control

Benefits of RGBW LED LAMP:

  • Can be used to replace normal lamps in E27 threaded holders and used for warm white or cool light.
  • Choose the optional colours to create thousands of colour combinations using the smart phone App.
  • Lamp operation can be automated by programming in Zipato browser interface using PC. Some of the possibilities are
    • switching On / Off at particular times
    • setting up different scenes to be played out. Each scene could be a particular colour combination and brightness
    • automating the activation of the lamp by external triggers such as motion sensors, door-window sensors or time of the day.

Safety Precautions:

Be sure to switch off the power supply before inserting or removing the lamp from a lamp holder. Installation and use of the lamp does not involve any changes to the existing wiring or require any new wiring to be done and therefore does not require the employment of any electrician or technician. It is recommended the right tools are used, good work practises are followed and all precautions necessary for working on electrical appliances are observed for this installation as well.


Installation (How to install RGBW LED LAMP):

Step1: Before this lamp is put to use at its intended location it has to be included in the Zipato Controller home automation network that is installed in your house. If the intended location of the lamp is more than 1 meter away, install it temporarily in a lamp holder that is within 1 meter from the controller and switch ON the lamp.


   Lighting control

Step2: Open the Zipato browser interface in your PC and click on “Add New Device” and click  Z Wave on the screen. The interface will go to the Exclusion/Inclusion mode and at this time tap the bulb once on top. The browser would recognise the new device and include it. Repeat above process if you like to add more RGBW lamps. Synchronise and Refresh the interface once after inclusion of every new device.

Step3: Look for the RGBW Lamp icon in the Zipato browser interface or in the mobile App and try out switching On/Off, different colour setting, brightness settings to confirm functionality of all the devices. If all functions are normal the installation is successful.

Step4: Move the lamp from the current temporary location to its intended location and try out full functionality of the features of the RGBW lamp as before and start using all its features. You can attempt programming for automating the functions of your choice now.

Lighting control


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