Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Kit

What is Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Kit?

The Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Kit is just what you need when you need that little bit more from your Nanoleaf Aurora.

It contains 3 additional triangular LED panels to allow you to expand the Nanoleaf Aurora

Each Nanoleaf Aurora power supply unit can power up to 30 triangular LED elements. So go ahead and indulge yourself and build designs to your hearts content.


Why use Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Kit?


- Easily attach it to any surface around the house

- Reduce power consumption

- Add a beauty and elegant look to your office or home.


How to install a Nanoleaf Aurora Kit?

The Nanoleaf Aurora Extension Kit cannot function without the power supply provided with the Nanoleaf Aurora. It is for extension purposes only and is not a stand alone device.

Each Nanoleaf Aurora can have a maximum of 30 triangular LED panels.


  • Max Colors: 16.7 million
  • Dimmability: Yes (via App or Voice)
  • Control Framework: Apple HomeKit, Android
  • Communication Protocol: WiFi (2.4GHz b/g)
  • Max Power per Panel: 2W
  • Max Power Supply Power: 60W
  • Max Panels per PSU: 30

If you want to buy the Nanoleaf Aurora Expansion Kit, check our store at ATKNSN for more information.


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