About Amazon Echo & Alexa Devices

Amazon Echo & Alexa Devices

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant created by Amazon and used in the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart devices. 

One of the smart devices in Home Automation Kit, it helps you control your smart home using your voice.

Control your lighting, getting information about the weather and humidity level, power consumption and other controls you need around the house.

It is what anyone needs after a long day at work!

Developers can contribute to Alexa or use its functions in their own devices by making an account in the developers' website of Alexa.

Functions Done by Alexa

- Smart Home Automation.

Ordering: Alexa is supported by many restaurants like  Domino's PizzaGrubhubPizza HutSeamless, and Wingstop and others.

Music: You can stream music on Amazon devices using only your voice and Alexa will help you.

Sports: Just add your favourite sports team to the list created under Alexa's Sports Update app section and listen to the last updates and news!

Messaging and calls: Messages can be sent through multiple ways from Alexa's application. Alexa is able to deliver messages to a recipient's Alexa application, as well as to all of their Echo devices that are both supported and associated with their Amazon account. Alexa is able to send typed messages only from Alexa's app. If one sends a message from an associated Echo device, it will be sent as a voice message. Alexa cannot send attachments including videos and photos. (Wikipedia)

Amazon Devices with Alexa Voice Assistance

 Costume your smart devices with more accessories:

Echo Dot: Add Alexa to any room!

Echo: Includes a built-in smart home hub.

Echo Plus: Includes a built-in smart home hub.

Echo Spot: Stylish and compact Echo with a screen

Echo Show: Optimized for visuals and room filling sound


Echo & Alexa Accessories

You can find the accessories and complementary items like chargers, covers and cases and screen protectors in Amazon store easily.


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